Zebra Plecos

Zebra Pleco L046 - Hypancistrus zebra - Two males

Fish, Zebra Pleco L046, Hypancistrus zebra, two males

Photo by Max Strandberg using Fujifilm MX-700.

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Location Sweden, Kalmar, one of my aquariums.
Light Only aquarium light.
Post editing Adjusted colors, retouching, resampled, cropped, sharpened.
Problems This photo was shot on the very first photo session I ever used a digital camera for aquarium photography.

A long time ago, when I photographed these males I did not know that they were both males. I was still hoping that they might be a male and a female and become a breeding pair. However, as they both continued to grow older, bigger and more mature, it eventually became clear that both of them turned out to be males. Then I bought another juvenile, hoping for a female. The juvenile also grew up, but unfortunately it also turned out to be a male. I moved on, breeding other species and never got a female Hypancistrus zebra. I no longer have the males. Maybe someday I'll try a new group of Hypancistrus zebra and maybe then I'll have better luck getting a breeding pair?

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