"Frontosa" Female

Cyphotilapia sp. (Cyphotilapia frontosa or Cyphotilapia gibberosa)

Fish, Cyphotilapia frontosa - Female

Photo by Max Strandberg using Casio QV-2800 UX.

There is still debate on how to classify different populations of Cyphotilapia.
  • Are there two species, or only one species, or are there three or more species?

  • How to distribute the subspecies among the species?

  • How many subspecies or local variants does each species have?
Hybrids are also common in the hobby, when fishes that originate from different populations have offspring in aquariums or ponds. Some hobbyists and breeders don't know the original collecting point in Lake Tanganyika of all their strains of Cyphotilapia, especially if they have been kept in aquariums or ponds for many generations. At the time I photographed the Cyphotilapia sp. shown in the photo above I did not understand the importance of this, so I did not ask about it.

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Swedish links about Cyphotilapia: NCS - SV Wikipedia - Zoopet

Location Sweden, Kalmar, Guldfisken.
Light External flash through the front glass.
Post editing Adjusted colors, retouching, resampled, sharpened.
Problems The fish was in the back of the aquarium. Difficult to get the exposure right because of risk of overexposure of white parts of the fish and under exposure of the black parts.

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