My Website Intentions & History 2022


My intentions with this website 2022:

  • Practice using a layout and webdesign that is clean, simple and easy to navigate.

  • Show some large (but not full size) samples of my own photos.

  • Spread my knowledge and opinions about aquaristics.

  • Provide information and advice concerning interesting aquarium inhabitants.

  • Experimenting with and improving both my photo editing skills and html coding.

  • Practice writing in a way that makes my articles easy to read and understand.

  • Provide useful digital aquarium photography information and tutorials.

  • Get feedback from other photographers on how I can improve my skills.

  • Get in contact with other aquarists and photographers.

  • Link to other interesting websites.

  • Increase motivation and having fun. :-)

My history of names and old expired versions of this website:

This website was started: September 19, 1997.

The name of this website was originally: AQUA_MAX

The website was originally hosted at the university where I was studying.

The adress was:

AQUA_MAX (Web Archive 1998-05-29)

AQUA_MAX (Web Archive 2001-05-18)

Sometimes I used a shortcut url:

I tried a few different free webhosts with advertisement, but didn't like them.

When I got broadband at home I moved my page to:

I also changed the name of this website to: Max Photo

Max Photo (Web Archive 2002-04-18) index.html

Max Photo (Web Archive 2006-02-07) Endless url

After I got my own domain I changed the name to: (Web Archive 2006-05-19)

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